We're happy to design, consult, or actively engage with your project to help make it the best it can be.



Mossy Rock Productions can provide experienced operators to handle your event's audio requirements. Whether you're looking for a front-of-house engineer, a monitor engineer or just general audio support, we have the tools, knowledge, and attitude to get the job done right.


Capture your creative ideas or document your event with a high quality audio recording. We offer live recording, project studio recording, editing, mixing, and music producing services. Multi-track and basic stereo options are available.



Create a powerful impression with professional stage lighting. Use different types and colours of light to feature your performers or to set a tone for the audience. Events can be programmed to follow specific cues or "busked" live.


Between audio reinforcement, stage lighting, instrument backline, video playback, video capture, production schedules, equipment rentals, transport, and venue specifics there are a lot of technical details to keep track of leading up to your event. Let us handle the logistics and prepare for the inevitable surprises so you can focus on content and promotion.



There are many common myths and false assumptions that hinder the quality of sound for concerts, speech, and other live events. These innocent mistakes introduce challenges that even a skilled operator cannot overcome. Let us help with your system design, speaker placement, and audio processing. By using concepts based in physics and proven industry research, we can increase the potential of your sound reinforcement system for a single event or a long-term application.